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How we started


Hi! I'm Mika and I am the creator of SPECKYS!. When I was 8 years old, I simply got too bored of my plain looking eyeglasses and so I made colorful string attachments to my eyeglasses. My mom fell in love with my idea. SPECKYS! was born 2 years later in 2014. My amazing mom and I started trying out designs. It was a lot of work and we went through a looooot of designs and ideas. We kept on trying and never lost hope. We are warmed and inspired by the positive comments we get from our friends and family.  This fueled us to keep going. Along the way, We have met some incredibly kind poeple who offered to help us or gave us valuable advices for free. For example: Mr. Lampert, a patent lawyer, waived his fees when he gave us adivce on patenting our product. He showed us an incredible act of kindness. 

Now glasses aren't just a tool to see but an accessory too!


The names behind our different designs


Our SPECKYS are made with love      and affection and are given sweet and cuddly names reflecting their fun and energy. Some of our SPECKYS are named after staff members or special people .Our most noticeable ones are: Lampert the Octopus, Ali Monster (named after my sister who loves monsters), Mika Wish Upon a Star and Owl Love ( dedicated to a cousin whom we love and miss dearly because she lives far from us). This has been an amazing journey and we thank you for visiting our website and sharing in our passion.










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